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Father’s Day Weekend Report

Tuesday, June 30, 2009









      This week the fishing was RED HOT, and it just so happened that it coincided with Father’s Day weekend.  My mother and father both came to town to visit, celebrate Father’s Day, and spend time together—which means time together on the water. 

      Similar to the week before, the hot bite was in the 8-12 mile range, however there was even more bait and the water was a gorgeous blue in color: flying fish and light, scattered sargassum grass was plentiful, along with a few loggerhead sightings and a visit from one HUGE leatherback turtle.  This meant even more mahi mahi—and larger ones—mixed in along with many king mackerel.  Live menhaden trolled at idle speed along scattered bait over live bottom produced numbers of both species…... 

June 14 Report - Kings and Mahi

Sunday, June 14, 2009










      Before I continue about this week’s fishing, it was truly a great pleasure to have new anglers aboard this weekend, and hopefully their first trip in the Atlantic Ocean was as enjoyable as it was for myself. 

      The king mackerel fishing, as well as the dolphin fishing, has only gotten better and better.  The kings have moved in as close as the beach, however are in abundant numbers in the 8-12 mile range.  A few mahi are also in this range, however the dolphin fishing is much better a bit further off the beach.  Both dead bait and live bait trolling have been the best methods to target these fish.  The kings tended to be down deep this weekend, most of the bites coming on live menhaden fished 30-40 feet deep behind Blue Water Candy featherweights…

June 2 Report - Mackerel, Mahi and a Cobia

Tuesday, June 02, 2009








      This week, the king mackerel and mahi fishing really began to shape up in the 20-30 mile range.  Trolling dead bait, such as cigar minnows and ballyhoo proved to be the most effective tactic for both the mackerels and dolphin.  The fish seemed to aggregate around the smaller ledges and live bottoms in this range, which were full of scattered bait.  All trips this week resulted in limits of king mackerel, and on Monday we were even graced with a cobia.  The cobia followed a hooked mackerel to the boat, where we were able to pitch a bait and hook him up.  Not a monster by any means, about 20 lbs, but still a pleasant surprise.  This is a good example of why anglers should always have a pitch bait or lure ready to go; it’s just too painful to miss opportunities like that.  Most of the king mackerel were in the 10-12 lb. range, which gave a very fun opportunity to pull out the light tackle…... 

Memorial Day Weekend Report

Sunday, May 24, 2009








  Memorial Day weekend graced Southeastern North Carolina’s coast with fishable weather—finally!  After two straight weeks of blown-out, cancelled trips, the spanish mackerel were anxiously awaiting us.  Two great trips provided abundant numbers of spanish mackerel, both casting and on the troll.  The larger fish were all caught casting 1 oz. Shore Lures, white proving itself as the best color.  My clients landed numerous fish over 3 pounds, with a 5.5 lber (just shy of citation-size) being the largest of the weekend.  These big spanish can be found along the edges of the large pods of menhaden along the beach.  The pods of menhaden also provided the opportunity to drift with live bait along the edges of the bait balls.  Small sharks made this tactic a busy one, and it was difficult to target the larger spanish and cobia due to their persistence.  We had one cobia hookup…....

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