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August 2010 Report

Tuesday, August 31, 2010






As predicted, it has been extremely hot this August here is Southeastern North Carolina.  While the king mackerel and mahi fishing has slowed to a grind, the bottom fishing and reef fishing for African Pompano and Amberjack is absolutely on fire! Nearly every live bottom, ledge and hard-bottom from 10-40 miles offshore is holding fish.  Most of the gag grouper are inside of 25 miles now, with the red and scamp grouper fishing beginning to pick up in the 110 foot range.  Even though the king mackerel and dolphin fishing has slowed, there has still been some gaffer-sized dolphin primarily to the south, and there have been many sailfish around the same areas.  We boated a very nice one on 15lb. test line last week, with the fight lasting for nearly an hour!  He was released to fight another day, and took off with a vigor that was utterly astonishing, especially after such a long fight.  The African Pompano are holding on the very large ledges as well as those in proximity to the Frying Pan Tower.  We boated our largest to date earlier this month, just shy of 40 lbs!......... 

July 2010 Report

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Here at warm, sunny Wrightsville Beach, NC the grouper are completely off their post-spawning patterns and are eager to bite most offerings!  We have had Our best July with grouper to date, including many Gag Grouper specimens over 36” and topping the 20-pound mark.  Live pinfish work great when the bite slows from dead cigar minnows and boston mackerel.  There have been plenty of amberjacks, smaller dolphin, barracuda, and king mackerel around the same areas, all of which can be caught while bottom fishing.  We use a “Light-line”, a spinning rod loaded with braid, topped with flourocarbon leader, and a live offering that usually doesn’t last too long.  African Pompano are beginning to show up near Frying Pan Tower. 
Last month I mentioned there have been several National Geographic-esque moments lately for the Wrightsville Beach Charter Fishing boats, but this month has got its prior beat.  Be sure to hit “More” for the entire article, including pictures.  While grouper fishing on one of those slick-caam summer days, we had taken a break to eat lunch after our limit of grouper and many triggerfish.  My client threw some of their pb&j sandwich overboard, when all of a sudden it was eaten in a swirl the size of a city bus…..

June 2010 Report

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Lately out of Wrightsville Beach, NC the fishing has been very steady, both nearshore and offshore.  The king mackerel bite has been steady, with a few nice dolphin mixed in.  We have also been getting the occasional visit from a cobia!  Dead bait rigs with Blue Water Candy skirts adorned with cigar minnows have been the best bait when live bait is difficult to find.  Nearshore, the spanish mackerel and flounder fishing is picking up nicely.  There have been many spanish over 4 lbs. on the nearshore structures, and smaller live baits with very light wire have been key to fooling these fish.  We use lots of live chum to get them to the boat… sometimes it’s like National Geographic within an arm’s reach of the boat!..................... 

May Report

Monday, May 31, 2010









We have been having a blast lately topwater fishing for large amberjacks!  We are consistently catching 50 lbers on topwater poppers, jigs, live bait… however you want to catch them!  Make sure you click “MORE….” to see the pics of them hanging around the boat.  Jigging offshore has been very good, with a few larger African Pompano still biting, and numerous large red grouper.  The grouper jigging has been difficult as of recent due to extreme current.  The king mackerel fishing has been very strong lately, however we have been having to run farther than usual this time of year to find them.  Look for them off of Cripple Rock to the North, and between the Schoolhouse and WR-4 to the South.  Most fish are between 10-15 lbs, however we have had….........

April Report

Friday, April 30, 2010




Offshore, the blackfin tuna and wahoo have been biting very good.  We have been catching them both jigging and trolling, but recently casting topwater lures has produced blackfins consistently upwards of 30 lbs.  If you have never cast offshore artificials for large blackfins, this is the most fun you could ever have with a rod and reel in your hand!  The king mackerel, despite slowly warming waters, can be found in the 30-35 mile range.  Look for 66 degree water and bait.  Black sea bass fishing has been very good, and has allowed us to make it through the shallow water grouper closure.  Closer to the beach, A few reds are starting to move around the inshore waters.  The bluefish are starting to show back up and I have heard a few preliminary reports of Atlantic bonito!  Click “MORE….” to view more pics!.......

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